Reaching Bangladesh

There is a booming Bible Study movement in Bangladesh, and it needs just a few of our dollars to pay Christian teachers and provide materials and a cheap snack for the students. Join me in supporting this exploding ministry!
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Bangladesh is home to the largest unreached people group in the world. With so few Christians and so many devout believers of other faiths, introducing the country to the truths explained in the Bible takes a systematic, popular, casual yet solid theological approach. Native Christian teachers passionate about reaching their neighbors facilitate small groups of students in meeting weekly over a specially written curriculum for Bengalis to understand the gospel of Jesus Christ through the Bible. The educational format is very popular and testing is taken seriously. The one time the students will meet an American is at the graduation ceremony. The rest of the year, they are ministered to by our trained staff in-country. Please consider a generous gift as I believe this ministry has enormous potential to raise up disciples who will reach their countrymen even if we Americans are shut out of the country by the religious majority.