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Urgent Cause

There are millions of Bangla speaking people in the world who have not heard the good news about Jesus Christ. Help us reach them.

Our Mission

Bangla Ministries Worldwide exists to make reproducing disciples of Jesus among the Bengali people.

Through educational opportunities we give people access to information about what Jesus has done for them.

Through community development, people grow their own personal experience and learn how to bless others.

How Can We Pray for You?

Are there times when you think that no one cares about you and your problems?

The creator of the universe, God, is almighty, slow to anger and great with kindness. Jesus is our way to God. His love for us is unending. When we have problems, He cares.

We care about you as well and we would like to pray for you and your needs. The people at Bangla Ministries Worldwide believe in one great God and pray to Him regularly. We are pleased to pray to Him about your needs.

*Your prayer requests and comments will be kept confidential.

Our Resources

The Bible

Down through the ages about forty different men were used by God to write the Bible. He caused them to write exactly what He wants us to know.

The Holy Bible available to us today was carefully translated from the original Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic.

God is our creator and He wants to communicate with us.

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