How it works

The BMW Model

Bengalis train Bengalis to reach Bengalis

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Why BMW Model Works:

  1. Our core activity is discussion based small group Bible Studies led by trained Bengali leaders.
  2. Young people love the interaction and learning about the Gospel message. Their commitment is celebrated with a certificate at a festive graduation.
  3. Our goal is to make reproducing disciples who love God, His Word, & His people. They master simple skills & principles that can be easily taught and passed on.
  4. Hundreds, even thousands are reached each month. Bengalis who know the language and culture are trained and hired at a living wage. Administrative and building costs are minimal.
  5. We bless many Christian groups, Hindus, Muslims, and other religions with a clear understanding of Christ; the meaning of salvation and following Him.
  6. We are committed to the entire Christian community of the country. We collaborate and rejoice with all Christians as we work and pray to increase the number of true believers from 0.4% to 2.0% and beyond.
  7. We acknowledge that our progress is largely due to generations of missionaries & indigenous laborers over the past centuries.

Bible Studies

Bengali Hindus, Muslims, and Christians commit to Bible studies for at least one year. (See full BMW program.)

Bengalis value education and appreciate the interactive lessons  (SAMPLE HERE).

Some Bengali students become BMW leaders.


Yearly graduations are held to present the students with certificates and a Bengali Bible.

They are very proud of their hard work and we are pleased to honor them.


The Roman’s Bridge explains salvation. It is shared with the students and the students learn to share it.

Students learn to share their testimonies.

Tract distribution has stimulated good conversations.

The ‘Jesus Film’ based on the gospel of Luke has opened doors for sharing salvation and starting new Bible studies.


Committed students are discipled becoming invaluable volunteers assisting in caring for the students.

The students learn how to prepare and lead devotions.

Within the small groups of students leadership potential is identified and developed for leadership roles.

Lives Changed

Community Involvement

Mercy Fund

Many desperately poor people have been helped with medical, food, and disaster needs. This has opened the door to share the love and words of Jesus.

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This woman (pictured above) has many health issues. Her son & daughter-in-law live with her. Because of the COVID lockdown, they cannot work. They are barely surviving. When she received the money, she was so happy and grateful, as if an angel had visited her. I shared the gospel with the family and prayed for their salvation.

Family Visits

The staff visit the families of the students to nurture relationships.

Local Churches

The staff are active in local churches and communicate with many pastors. When no church is in the area we are beginning to plant home churches.

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