BMW ministry in Bangladesh

BMW Activities

Discipleship Diploma Course

The main BMW activity is the discipleship diploma course, consisting of four years of studies.

  1. First year certificate
    1. Knowing God through Creation
    2. Knowing God through Jesus
    3. Knowing God through Holy Book
    4. Knowing God through Obedience
    5. Knowing God through His Provision
  2. Second year certificate
    1. New Life with Christ
    2. God and the Prophets, Part 1
  3. Third year certificate
    1. God and the Prophets, Part 2
    2. God and the Prophets, Part 3
  4. Fourth year certificate
    1. God and the Prophets, Part 4
    2. God and the Prophets, Part 5

After studying with small groups of friends (2023 saw 7777students enrolled all over the country) in weekly or monthly meetings under an experienced instructor, students who pass the test receive their certificate in a big ceremony with a feast.

Students also are given instruction on how to receive guidance from the word of God and to lead devotions with their small group.

Evangelism Program

The Good News that eternal life is available for everyone is something that must be shared.  We provide training and resources in four areas:

  1. The Romans 6:23 Bridge Illustration.
  2. How to give your testimony of salvation through Christ.
  3. Tract distribution.
  4. Family visits.

Leadership Training for Volunteers

Students with a strong interest receive extra training to develop their servant/leadership skills.  These volunteers help the BMW program in many ways.

The Mercy Fund Charity Program

Our BMW students and teachers give their own money to help the poor.  These precious contributions are matched by outside funds to increase the resources.  Many desperately poor people have been helped this way for medical needs, school fees, disaster (flood) relief, etc.

The mission of BMW is to make reproducing disciples of Jesus Christ among the Bengalis.