May 14, 2018Sunnybrook Country Club

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Sponsor our event as a whole (especially if you are a corporate sponsor)

Schedule of Events

6:30 AM – Serious Golfers’ Registration and Breakfast
4:00 PM – Casual Golfers’ Registration, anytime before
3:30 PM – Walkers’ Registration
4:00 PM – Runners’ Registration
5:30 PM – Dinner Registration

About our Mission

Funds will help us share Jesus with the Bengali people who are extremely impoverished spiritually and materially. With 250 million people, they are the sixth largest ethno-linguistic group in the world, and yet less than one-half of 1% know Jesus. They suffer great physical poverty as well, most living on about $1 per day.
The Fourth Annual BMW Golf/Walk/Run is complimentary, including gifts, food and prizes for every person committed to making their best effort to raise funds.