Joe Sherman/Photographic Artistry

I am giving my professional photography services as a fundraising gift to BMW. You can have me come to your location for family portraits and instead of paying me for the portraits, you will be making a donation to BMW. I only ask for milage for my vehicle.
Goal $ 2,000.00
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While I was in Bible College, God called me to do missionary photography. Seeds for a "Heart for Bangladesh" were planted in me during my college years, through the book "Daktar" which the DeCook family was involved in. Dave DeCook was my pastor for many years, and I have now been to Bangladesh 3 times to do and teach photography, and I am now on the Board of Directors of BMW. For 23 years, God allowed me to own my own portrait photography studio in the Plainwell Michigan area, and you can get the same quality of portraits that I used to do for my clients, and make a donation to BMW in the process. ******** Please note that these prices are for the images only. Most photographers now make the images and adjust them in photoshop, and the client takes them somewhere to get them printed or simply shows them in digital frames.************** I am only in Michigan during the summers, so you will want to talk to me about what you will want done before purchasing. I will be charging 50 cents per mile for my milage, but 100% of your purchase amount will go to BMW as a donation. You will get the same quality that I give my clients that pay full price. 1 to 4 people Value $185.00 Minimum Donation $90.00 Comes with 5 Images 5 to 10 people Value $275.00 Minimum Donation $130.00 Comes with 7 Images 10 to 20 people Value $450.00 Minimum Donation $220.00 Comes with 12 Images Over 20 People Value $750.00 Minimum Donation $350.00 Comes with 25 Images Photo Evo is a professional lab with 2 locations in the Grand Rapids area, and you can take the images to them and pay the same wholesale price that I pay. Everything they do is professional quality, and they will help you . It is like going to Meijers but only they know what they are doin, and the quality is high. Joe Sherman 269-685-6010