Whole-Bible Self-Study

This study requires the participant to have access to the written Bible.  It is organized into daily readings grouped into 52 weeks following the 52 weeks of a calendar year.  It is designed to guide a reader through the text of the entire Bible with thought-provoking questions (including an answer key) and a weekly message on the the most important Old Testament theme and one on the most important New Testament theme.  All of the material is in English.

Week 1 OT guide


Week 1 Old Testament message “In The Beginning…Disaster!”

Week 1 NT guide


Week 1 New Testament message not available

Week 2 OT guide


Week 2 Old Testament Message “Salvation Enters Our Bloodstream”

Week 2 NT guide


Week 2 New Testament Message “He Became One of Us”

Week 3 OT guide


Week 3 Old Testament message “Triumph of Grace”

Week 3 NT guide


Week 3 New Testament message not available

Week 4 OT guide


Week 4 Old Testament message “Marks of Messiah”

Week 4 NT guide


Week 4 New Testament message “The Sermon, The Seed and the City”

Week 5 OT guide


Week 5 Old Testament message “Salvation Showtime”

Week 5 NT guide

Week 5 New Testament message “The Worst People In The World”

Week 6 OT guide

Week 6 Old Testament message “Strong Relationship”


Week 6 NT guide

Week 6 New Testament message not available

Week 7 OT guide


Week 7 Old Testament message “A Very Short Honeymoon”

Week 7 NT guide


Week 7 New Testament message “Jesus Is Coming Back”

Week 8 OT guide

Week 8 Old Testament message “Three Tabernacle Truths”

Week 8 NT guide