May 31, 2023- Thank to God that, God has all saved our family from
Cyclone Moukha and Flood. And God has saved our family healthy and use me and my family
as a servant his kingdom. thanks, giving to God, I have given the bridge illustration of five
people and the testimony of ten people.
Subject of Prayer:
Pray for me, I can give the bridge Illustration of 10 peoples to the next month. Pray for me, I have given testimony of 10 peoples and I can give testimony of 20 peoples to the next month. Please pray for Rakhine community, I have admitted a new student from the Rakhine
community, as if I can work with more Rakhine people and form a new team and receive new students. Pray for me, I have visited 10 family’s this month, and I want to visit a more 20 family’s the next month. Pray for me, I have Memorized 10 Bible Verses this month, and I want Memorize a more
20 Bible verses to the next month. Pray to God for me, I have delivered 20 new tracks this month, I want deliver a more 50
tracks to the next month. Pray for those to whom I have delivered tracks, as if God change their minds.
Pray for five new believers, their names are -1. Boishakhi Dhar 2. Ani sharma 3. PurnimaDhar 4. Puja Sharma 5. Suchona Sharma.I taught and discussed about bridging, them believed in Jesus. Pray for them to be interested in baptism and grow spiritually.