Praise and prayer (July 01, 23)

Dear friends and families, Over the years I experienced God’s presence and immediate blessings in my daily life and ministry activities. I’m very thankful that God is taking care of our BMW ministry and everybody involved to this ministry.

Our staff members are very active and developing their theological knowledge throughout the theological training. Now all the three groups (A 12, B- 15, C-16) are taking class regular bases and making a lot of progress in their study. Approximately 80/90% of our students attend the classes and accomplish their homework regular bases.

Thanks God for everyone’s sound health and family situation. Praising God for all of His blessings and grace as they are working hard. I’m praying for each and every staff’s safety that they may stay healthy and perform their daily Bible Study in their respective area and be able to spread the good news to every family they visit. Our anticipating goal is to give the gospel to the unreached people, so that they may believe in Jesus and be saved. This is our earnest praise and prayer for our ministry.